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A.G .(Arthur Gene) Pillwhite lives in Germany and is a piano teacher, composer, arranger and music merchant by profession. His original profession is piano maker and since 1998 he has been giving piano lessons as a private teacher. The reason for the publication of his compositions and arrangements are his piano students, who kept asking whether he could compose and rearrange piano pieces for them.


Quote: “The usual classical music is nice, but the combination of rock music with classical elements would be really cool, and unfortunately that doesn't exist. So do it! "


And so the wish of his students became an overall project with videos, songs and sheet music to download, on its own website with a shop. In the future, new titles will be composed and rearranged again and again, which will then be published on YouTube.


Follow him   on   Instagram   and     Youtube     and you will immediately notice when there is something NEW from him.


Have fun watching his videos, but especially playing his piano pieces.

With musical regards


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